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Industrial Vacuum Blower Manufacturers

Industrial blower manufacturer. Serve-Well Co.,Ltd. was established in 1976, we mainly involved in the machinery parts processing and the black oil switch of the bumer manufacturing at the early stage. Three years later, we entered the business of high-pressure blower developing, designing well as manufacturing, we are considered the earliest blower manufacturer in this aspect in Taiwan.

The early made blowers were mostly used for blowing up the burner, but their industrial applications are diversified with the progress of the technology, with the objective of innovation and making more profit for our customers, we continuously improve and advance the performances of our products, which has been acknowledged and praised by our customers throughout the years.

In 1997, we developed the two parts high-pressure oil mist collectors, which is of environmental protective function, the operators who operate the CNC machine tools frequently can be well-type patents by many countries, become a new means of environmental protective manufacturing.

Blower design company. We serve our customers with professional techniques, and our management objective is to meet our customers' demands with economically and honesty manner.

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